KGLT Playlists for 3-6pm Wednesday March 2014

music & interruptions  3-6pm Wednesday March 05, 2014 The Coffee Show
New Request Artist Album Track
 No  No Jake Monnin  Coffee Show Theme
 No  No Ok Go Oh No Invincible
 No  No Super Furry Animals Rings Around The World (drawing) Rings Around The World
 No  No Garbage Beautiful Garbage Cherry Lips [go Baby Go]
 No  No Self Gizmodgery Dead Man
    *****Break***** 03:18 PM  
 No  Yes The Aquabats Vs The Floating Eye Of Death Chemical Bomb
 No  No Vampire Beach Babes Attack Of The Killer Bikinis Hawaii Shirt From Hell
    *****Break***** 03:25 PM  
 No  Yes Ethan Persoff Radio Hour #5 Where Would We Be Without Wood?
 Yes  No Public Service Broadcasting Inform Educate Entertain Roygbiv
 No  No John Boswell Pbs Remixed Mister Rogers - Sing Together
    *****Break***** 03:35 PM  
 Yes  Yes Professor Elemental A Platter Of Platypuses Cup Of Brown Joy (remix)
 Yes  No Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer Can't Stop, Shan't Stop Hip-hop Was To Blame After All
 No  No Professor Elemental Father Of Invention I'm British
 Yes  No Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer Can't Stop, Shan't Stop Reasons To Be Unsuccessful (part 1)
    *****Break***** 03:50 PM  
 No  No The Heavy The Glorious Dead Can't Play Dead
 No  No Kid Koala 8-bit Blues 1-bit Blues (10,000 Miles)
 No  No Dj Earlybird (the Beatles Vs. Stevie Wonder) .mp3 Superstition Can't Buy Me Love
    *****Break***** 04:00 PM  
 No  No Holly Golightly The Main Attraction The Sign
 No  No P P I Save Cigarette Butts
 Yes  No The Fratellis We Need Medicine Seven Nights Seven Days
 No  No Lcd Soundsystem Shut Up & Play The Hits Jump Into The Fire
    *****Break***** 04:18 PM  
 No  No Jamie Brockett Remember The Wind And The Rain Legend Of The U.s.s. Titanic
 No  No Oxide I Live In A Land Of Chaos Columbus Day
 No  No Jason Webley Against The Night Constellation Prize
 No  No Tom Waits Glitter And Doom Tour Live Singapore
 No  No Pere Ubu Ray Gun Suitcase Montana
    *****Break***** 04:51 PM  
 No  No Future Bible Heroes Memories Of Love She-devils Of The Deep
 No  No Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club Goodbye, My 4-track When Werewolves Collide
 No  No The Kinda Long-haired Band Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits Circles
    *****Break***** 05:01 PM  
 No  No Go Home Productions (velvet Underground V. The Archies) .mp3 Velvet Sugar
 No  No Teenage Moods Mood Ring Tulip Tattoo
 No  No Fungi Girls Seafaring Pyramids Pacifica Notalgia
 No  No Bleached Ride Your Heart Looking For A Fight
 No  No The Beat The Beat Rock N Roll Girl
 No  No The Connection The Connection I Think She Digs Me
 No  No The Unwed Teenage Mothers Single If You Think You're Lonely Now
 No  No The Black And Whites The Black And Whites Gonna Have Some Fun Tonight
    *****Break***** 05:21 PM  
 No  No They Might Be Giants Severe Tire Damage They Got Lost
 No  No They Might Be Giants The Else Take Out The Trash
 No  No They Might Be Giants Factory Showroom Spiraling Shape
    *****Break***** 05:35 PM  
 No  No Weird Al Yankovic Straight Outta Lynwood Close But No Cigar
 No  No Cake Showroom Of Compassion Mustache Man (wasted)
    *****Break***** 05:44 PM  
 No  No David Bowie Single The Laughing Gnome
    *****Break***** 05:52 PM  
 Yes  No Johnny Society This Is The Town - Tribute To Harry Nilsson Mr. Richland's Favorite Song
 No  No Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer The Tweed Album Tinkerty-tonk

music & interruptions  3-6pm Wednesday March 12, 2014 The Coffee Show
New Request Artist Album Track
 No  No Jake Monnin  Coffee Show Theme
 No  No Tullycraft Every Scene Needs A Center The Punks Are Writing Love Songs
 No  No Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Have Another Ball Only The Good Die Young
 No  No Less Than Jake Greased We Go Together
 No  No The Ramones Hey! Ho! The Anthology The Kkk Took My Baby Away
 No  No Nob Dylan And His Nobsoletes 12 Positively Stiff Dylans Subterranean Homesick Blues
 No  No Oxide Secret Action Island In Your Cupboard
 No  No Guantanamo Baywatch Chest Crawl We Came With Dottie
    *****Break***** 03:19 PM  
 No  No Shonen Knife Let's Knife Bear Up Bison
 No  No The Let's Go's Reamp! Beethoven Dane Rock N Roll
 No  No Puffy Amiyumi Nice Invisible Tomorrow
 No  No Kinoco Hotel Marianne No Kokotsu Kinoko No Toriko
    *****Break***** 03:32 PM  
 No  No The Husbands Introducing... Take It Or Leave It
 No  No The Detroit Cobras Tied & True Leave My Kitten Alone
 No  No Sallie Ford And The Sound Outside Untamed Beast Devil
 No  No Wanda Jackson The Party Ain't Over Thunder On The Mountain
    *****Break***** 03:46 PM  
 Yes  No Hi-tech Boom Pow Switchboard Scientist
 No  No Jeffie Genetic And His Clones Need A Wave Need A Wave
 No  No Impo And The Tents S/t Bubblegum Machine
 No  No The Oddz Sellout - Ep Sellout (radio Edit)
    *****Break***** 04:01 PM  
 No  No Dread Zeppelin The Fun Sessions Baba O'riley
 No  No The Specials The Specials Monkey Man
 No  No Babylove And The Van Dangos Run Run Rudie But I Love You
 No  No Madness Ultimate Madness House Of Fun
 No  No Mc Lars This Gigantic Robot Kills This Gigantic Robot Kills
 No  No Reel Big Fish Candy Coated Fury Don't Stop Skankin'/oh Rudie
    *****Break***** 04:27 PM  
 No  No Adriano Celentano Celentaneide Prisincolinensinainciusol
 No  No Alice Francis St. James Ballroom Shoot Him Down
 No  No V.v. Brown Traveling Like The Light L.o.v.e.
 No  No The Movits Out Of My Head Marching Band
    *****Break***** 04:41 PM  
 No  No Professor Elemental The Indifference Engine Splendid
 Yes  No Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer Can't Stop, Shan't Stop (i've No Wish To) Keep It Real
 No  No Mc Frontalot Final Boss Wallflowers
 No  No The Evolution Control Committee All Rights Reserved Pwn Monkey
 No  No Faroff .mp3 Mash Together
    *****Break***** 04:59 PM  
 No  No Cake For The Kids Mahna Mahna
 No  No Barenaked Ladies Everything To Everyone Upside Down
 No  No The Magnetic Fields Love At The Bottom Of The Sea Andrew In Drag
 No  No Tv Girl Our First 2 Eps Baby You Were There
    *****Break***** 05:14 PM  
 No  Yes The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Fruit Sunshine Coolin'
 No  No Pepe Deluxe Queen Of The Wave A Night And A Day
 No  No Shantel Planet Paprika Planet Paprika
 No  No They Might Be Giants Mink Car Man, It's So Loud In Here
    *****Break***** 05:33 PM  
 No  No Queen Greatest Hits Seven Seas Of Rhye
 No  No The Darkness Permission To Land I Believe In A Thing Called Love
 Yes  No The Fratellis We Need Medicine Whiskey Saga
 No  No Slow Club Yeah So It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful
    *****Break***** 05:51 PM  
 No  No Lotti Golden Motor-cycle A Lot Like Lucifer

music & interruptions  3-6pm Wednesday March 19, 2014 The Coffee Show
New Request Artist Album Track
 No  No Jake Monnin  Coffee Show Theme
    *****Break***** 03:00 PM  
 Yes  No The Fratellis We Need Medicine Halloween Blues
 No  No The Society Of Rockets Where The Grass Grows Black Tangerines & Cigarettes
 No  No Joel Plaskett And The Emergency Truthfully Truthfully Extraordinary
    *****Break***** 03:12 PM  
 No  Yes Beck Guero Hell Yes
 No  No Prototypes Prototypes Who's Gonna Sing
 No  No Mint Royale Dancehall Places Blue Song
 No  No The Wiseguys The Antidote Start The Commotion
    *****Break***** 03:30 PM  
 No  No Mc Frontalot Feat. Jonathan Coulton Final Boss Diseases Of Yore
 No  No Dj Bc The Beastles Sure-bla-di Shot-bla-da
 No  No Ugly Duckling Moving At Breakneck Speed One Horse Town
 No  No Dj Format Feat. Abdominal If You Can't Join 'em ... Beat 'em Ugly Brothers
 No  No The Slew 100% Robbing Banks (doin' Time)
    *****Break***** 03:52 PM  
 No  No Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club Goodbye My 4-track Monkeys Are Bad People
    *****Break***** 04:00 PM  
 No  No Hepcat Out Of Nowhere Dance Wid' Me
 No  No Tim Armstrong A Poet's Life Lady Demeter
 No  No Madness The Dangerman Sessions Volume One Shame And Scandal
 No  No Reel Big Fish Cheer Up Boss Dj
    *****Break***** 04:17 PM  
 No  No Born Again Floozies Street Music We Got The Power! (love Letter From America)
 No  No The New Pornographers Challengers All The Old Showstoppers
 No  No Mike Doughty Rockity Roll Ways + Means
 No  No Cake Comfort Eagle Love You Madly
    *****Break***** 04:31 PM  
 No  Yes Tangerine Kitty Single Dumb Ways To Die
 No  No Tullycraft Lost In Light Rotation Lost In Light Rotation
 No  No The 88 Over And Over Hide Another Mistake
 No  No The Postelles The Postelles 123 Stop
    *****Break***** 04:46 PM  
 No  No Jonathan Coulton Artificial Heart Want You Gone
 No  No My Robot Friend Soft Core Failure
 No  No Darwin Deez Darwin Deez Bad Day
 No  No Evolution Control Committee Plagiarhythm Nation Rocked By Rape
    *****Break***** 05:02 PM  
 No  No Gary Numan Replicas Are 'friends' Electric?
 No  No The Bubblemen Metal Dance The Bubblemen Are Coming
 No  No Dean Grey American Edit Dr. Who On Holiday
    *****Break***** 05:18 PM  
 No  No Professor Elemental Father Of Invention You Remind Me Of A Car
 Yes  No Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer Can't Stop, Shan't Stop Grammar Song
 No  No Professor Elemental Father Of Invention The Great Race / Zeppelin Steeplechase
    *****Break***** 05:31 PM  
 No  No They Might Be Giants Factory Showroom The Bells Are Ringing
 No  No They Might Be Giants They Got Lost Down To The Bottom Of The Sea
 No  No They Might Be Giants Join Us You Probably Get That A Lot
    *****Break***** 05:42 PM  
 No  No A Big Yes And A Small No Jesus That Looks Terrible On You I'm Always Manic (when I'm Around You)
 No  No April Smith And The Great Picture Show Songs For A Sinking Ship Colors
 No  No Molly Lewis I Made You A Cd But I Eated It I Pity The Fool
    *****Break***** 05:52 PM  
 No  No Harry Belafonte Beetlejuice Soundtrack Jump In Line (shake, Shake Senora)
 No  No Super 8 Bit Brothers S/t 8-bit Lullaby

music & interruptions  3-6pm Wednesday March 26, 2014 The Coffee Show
New Request Artist Album Track
 No  No Jake Monnin  Coffee Show Theme
 No  No The Bpa I Think We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Toe Jam
 No  No Wired All Wrong Break Out The Battle Tapes Elevatin
 No  No Ugly Duckling Taste The Secret Energy Secret
    *****Break***** 03:20 PM  
 No  No Mc Honky I Am The Messiah Sonnet No. 3 (like A Duck)
 No  No Kid Koala Your Mom's Favorite Dj Dinner At 1:00 A.m. / Party At Eric's!
    *****Break***** 03:32 PM  
 No  No Dj Schmoli .mp3 Rock Of Ages
 No  No The Movits Out Of My Head Marching Band
 No  No Eleven Acorn Lane Swing Thing I Want To Be Your Friend
 No  No Patrick & Eugene Altogether Now Llama
    *****Break***** 03:52 PM  
 No  No Professor Elemental The Indifference Engine Cup Of Brown Joy (tea Bag Remix)
 No  No Professor Elemental Father Of Invention Everything Stops For Tea
 No  No Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer Can't Stop, Shan't Stop Shelloes Or Brogues
    *****Break***** 04:04 PM  
 No  No Reel Big Fish W/zolof The Rock N Roll Destroyer Duet All Night Long It's Not Easy
 No  No Reel Big Fish We're Not Happy Till You're Not Happy Story Of My Life
 No  No Scofflaws Ska In Hi-fi William Shatner
    *****Break***** 04:21 PM  
 Yes  No Lake Street Drive Bad Self Portraits You Go Down Smooth
 No  No Imelda May Mayhem Tainted Love
 No  No The Presidents Of The United States Of America These Are The Good Times People Deleter
    *****Break***** 04:30 PM  
 No  No Eels Hombre Lobo Beginner's Luck
 Yes  No The Fratellis We Need Medicine Whisky Saga
    *****Break***** 04:41 PM  
 No  No Fountains Of Wayne Utopia Parkway Red Dragon Tattoo
 No  No A.c. Newman The Slow Wonder Secretarial
 No  No Shaimus Paper Sun All Of This
    *****Break***** 04:57 PM  
 No  No The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs I'm Sorry I Love You
 No  No Cake Comfort Eagle Shadow Stabbing
    *****Break***** 05:07 PM  
 No  No Elvis Costello And The Imposters Momofuku Go Away
 No  No Weezer Red Album Automatic
    *****Break***** 05:24 PM  
 No  No They Might Be Giants Nanobots Nanobots
 No  No They Might Be Giants S-e-x-x-y Ep Sensurround
 No  No Jonathan Coulton Thing-a-week Re: Your Brains
    *****Break***** 05:34 PM  
 No  No Man Or Astro-man Is It... Escape Through The Air Vent
 No  No Los Tiki Phantoms Mueven El Esquelto Cuerpo Que Explota
    *****Break***** 05:42 PM  
 No  No Los Straitjackets Twist Party Twist Party
 No  No Matorralman Guateque Estelar Go Go Girl
    *****Break***** 05:50 PM  
 No  No Oingo Boingo Boingo Alive Goodbye -- Goodbye
 No  No Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer The Tweed Album Tinkerty-tonk